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If you own a vacation rental property and are considering selling it (or even just testing the market), VacationRentalHomesForSale.com (VRHFS) is a great way to expose your property to a focused audience of buyers. In the same way that listing sites like vrbo.com and Airbnb helped create a fast-moving marketplace for travelers, this site creates a unique market where owners can showcase the strengths of their property, and buyers can quickly and easily find a property with a proven track record that will earn the desired return on their investment dollars.

VRHFS differs from rental-listing sites, but takes advantage of the marketplace created by these sites by bringing together vacation rental property owners (potential sellers) and property investors (potential buyers) in this focused online forum. We don’t charge a commission or get involved in the transaction. Our flat fee model for listings is much lower than the typical real estate agent commission, and this site is specifically designed for buyers interested in the specific type of properties our owners have to offer.

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  VRHFS solves two key problems:

  • Lack of a comprehensive marketplace (like there is for vacation rentals) for VRs for sale.
  • Property owners need to communicate and prove the value of their property to potential buyers / investors.

VRHFS solves these problems by providing owners with a listing website focused on their type of property – a property that has both emotional appeal and a profit & loss statement. Existing MLS-type listing sites give sellers and buyers only a fraction of what they need to judge the price and value of a short-term / vacation rental property since these sites don’t take into consideration the unique nature of the Vacation Rental business as compared to long-term rental properties or personal-use properties. Every property listing shows the property features but also the short-term rental income and expense information. For international owners and buyers, we also provide live currency conversion so you can see the details in the currency that makes sense for you.


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  The market for the typical VRHFS visitor is:

  • A vacation home owner who is (or is considering) renting their property.
  • A VR owner who seeks to ‘test the market’ for selling their property to an intelligent, focused pool of buyers.
  • An investor expanding their existing real estate investment portfolio.
  • Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401k investors buying property as an investment with the intention to eventually use the property as a retirement home.
  • ‘Lifestyle’ buyers who want to own a vacation home and plan to rent it part-time to help cover expenses.


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  Some facts about the Vacation Rental market:

As of 2015, the major rental listing sites have short-term / vacation rental listings in 190 out of the 196 recognized countries in the world. Even with a significant (75%+) overlap of individual properties between sites, there would still be in excess of 2 million unique vacation rental properties. There is an additional undetermined number of Vacation Rentals on smaller sites, or property owners who have created their own online presence.

  • In 2010, the Vacation Rental / Holiday Let market generated $85 billion (USA and Europe).
  • In 2013, the National Association of Realtors® reported that 717,000 vacation homes were sold.
  • In 2014, the average owner earned $27k in income from their Vacation Rental property.
  • The median household income of a vacation home buyer is $86k.


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