The Appeal of a Vacation Rental vs. a Hotel or Resort

Are you planning a vacation – whether with the entire family or just yourself? If so, you might automatically consider staying in a big hotel or resort, right? It’s easy to think those are your only choices. But did you know that there is also another option that you can consider? That option is Vacation Rentals. In this article, let’s take a look at the appeal of each option in order to help you come to the best decision.

Whether you are traveling alone or with your family or a group, you will surely find that vacation rentals are a less expensive option – especially if you are on vacation for a couple of weeks. One of the reasons why vacation rentals are cheaper compared to hotels is that you can cook for yourself. In this way you are spared from the hefty price of hotel and restaurant foods, while still having the option to eat out. For a large group or large family, vacation rentals beat hotels hands-down as you can find properties with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms (spreading the cost of staying in the property over many people) and kitchens, which make eating in a real savings.

Usually, vacation rentals offer a lot of amenities that are unique compared to most hotels out there. This is because vacation rentals are managed by folks who are “mom and pop” businesses rather than being a corporate-owned hotel. With that said, you can enjoy full kitchens, full bedrooms and full bathrooms with all the comforts of a home.

Do you want to be in the middle of the action? If so, you might want to consider staying in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip. Typically, vacation rentals render a more peaceful and quieter ambiance. This is because majority of the vacation rentals individual homes or condos, not one of a thousand hotel rooms.

Renting vs. Booking
Booking into a hotel can be easier compared to renting a vacation home as all you need to do is to go to the hotel website or call and reserve the room. On the other hand, vacations rentals – because of their unique nature – may not be as quick to book. When you have a location in mind (for example San Juan, Puerto Rico) you can find literally hundreds of individual vacation rental homes for rent on the internet just by Googling “vacation rentals in puerto rico”. Some can be booked immediately online, others will require communicating with the property owner to arrange your stay.

Other considerations
What about those who have pets? There are not many hotels that appreciate dogs waltzing through the lobby but there are vacation home owners who are happy to have your dogs visit. However, it is important that you are crystal clear with the pet policy of the property as well as the rules of the owner beforehand.

In Summary…
As you can see, hotels and vacation rentals each have their own advantages and drawbacks. Although there are those who are a big fan of vacation rentals, there are also those who are attracted to the familiarity hotels can bring. So, going back to the question: which one is better, hotel or vacation rental? The answer depends on your particular needs and hopefully this article helped highlight some things for you to consider.

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