Writing A Vacation Rental Description That Attracts Buyers

If you’ve done research on what draws potential renters to your vacation rental property, you already know that having the right photos is an important factor. Having a description that helps the person imagine themselves at your property, experiencing all the things that makes your home unique and special is equally important.

When you’re listing your property for sale, many of the same rules apply, but there are also some key differences when the audience you’re attracting will have a much longer relationship with your property than a typical one to two week vacationer.

Here are some key ideas about creating a description for your property sale page here on VRHFS.com

  • Think of your description as a walkthrough of your property.

If you were walking an interested investor through your home, what would you point out? What features or details would you highlight? What improvements or enhancements have you made to the house? What do your guests tell you are the most memorable or comfortable spots?

  • Write it the way you would want to read it.

Use short paragraphs to describe each key are of the home. If your property is a 3-bedroom condo or apartment, write a paragraph with one descriptive sentence per bedroom, then write a paragraph about the kitchen, another about the living area, another about the pool area, etc.

  •  If you already have a well-written description, use it!

Did you hire someone to write the description for your rental listing? If not, you should consider it. A well-written description goes a long way – along with multiple, high-quality photos – to increasing interest in the property. A person considering your property for their family or group vacation wants to know what is going to make their stay memorable and worth their hard-earned money. A person considering buying your property as an investment wants to know what will keep those potential renters coming.

  • Remember to highlight your “Unique Selling Points”

What sets your property apart from others nearby? Going back to the first bullet point above, what have you done – renovations or improvements – to increase the enjoyment factor of your home? What are the amenities that your guests enjoy that you will pass on to the next owner? What makes your location special?


Your property description should be interesting enough to get an interested investor to contact you for more information. Remember to share your VRHFS.com listing link on social media!

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